Why Become A Member

Develop partnerships.

Foster relationships with collaborators and influencers in the SAF ecosystem and leverage their diverse expertise to move on ideas that require input and support from other actors in the system.

Gain strategic insight.

Acquire a unique perspective and latest insight into opportunities and challenges facing our current and future SAF market.

Lead and influence.

Play a leading role in identifying, testing and promoting SAF deployment initiatives and policies that will have a long-lasting impact on decarbonizing aviation.

Stay informed.

Obtain the latest information on SAF activities and initiatives being pursued in Canada and other relevant SAF technical and social information.


C-SAF will establish a platform for the SAF value chain to collaborate, connect and create innovative solutions to advance SAF in Canada and to encourage discussion about strategic actions to meet C-SAF’s roles and expectations.

  • Providing perspectives, challenges and advice in developing C-SAF ideas, positions and actions;
  • Providing advice and input on task group activities and objectives;
  • Providing input to help synthesize feedback from the SAF ecosystem.
  • Wrestle with tough questions in a facilitated space to hold discussions.

Our Members

Task Groups

Task Groups will be formed from the members to develop and focus efforts and initiatives around the broad issues facing SAF deployment in Canada, including

  • Sustainability and Safety
  • Technology and Feedstock
  • Policy and Programs
  • Business

The Task Groups will be led by volunteers from the C-SAF membership who are approved by the Advisory Committee and Executive Director. The Task Groups will meet regularly to share progress, identify gaps and hurdles, determine next steps to facilitate ongoing development and deployment of SAF, and to expand global engagement.