What is the C-SAF Ecosystem?

The Council for Sustainable Aviation Fuels (C-SAF) is bringing together key stakeholders from the aviation industry and government to accelerate the commercial production and use of Canadian-made low-carbon and sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) in Canada.


C-SAF was created and is sponsored by over 60 domestic, international and cargo airlines operating in Canada who through a fuel consortium set-up, own and operate aviation fuel storage and distribution facilities at 11 major airports across Canada.


Joining the founding members in C-SAF’s launch are important stakeholders from across the SAF value chain that are committed to advancing SAF production and use in Canada.

Become a Member

C-SAF seeks to facilitate and accelerate the commercial deployment of SAF in Canada.

The Council will establish a platform for the SAF value chain to collaborate, connect and create innovative solutions to increase the scale and use of SAF in Canada. Join us today to get in contact and collaborate with different stakeholders working together to foster innovation, production, and use of SAF in Canada and in the rest of the world.